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Reply ScottGeobe
6:34 AM on October 22, 2017 
Reply teiTab
1:05 AM on September 30, 2017 
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Reply TimmyCal
7:50 AM on September 8, 2017 
Reply Mike
9:55 AM on February 8, 2014 
I am writing to you to share a project we are working on called ALSFight.com. We are a small devoted group who is trying to create an online platform dedicated to individuals with ALS disease. We believe that we can help patients by providing access to best therapies both for individuals and for family members. We want to create a first online tool which instructs members on fighting and dealing with ALS illness on daily bases. We will provide video instructions and daily goals so that patients can perform them at home independently or with help of family members and friends. However, we cannot do it alone. We started a crowd raising campaign to collect funds to create this project. With your help we can fight ALS and provide support for those who need it the most. Please visit our campaign to learn more. Also, we truly appreciate if you could share information about our efforts with others.
Thank you very much,
Here are our links:
Fundraiser: http://igg.me/at/alsfight/
Website: alsfight.com
Like us on facebook: http://facebook.com/MyALSFight
Reply Sonia Thomson
11:29 PM on December 3, 2013 
Hey Kinga, I have read your story several times. It is very similar to mine. We are both only children. You and your dad took care of your lovely mom. My husband helped me with my mom. But you Kinga are something else. You do so much to promote awareness and your fundraising ideas are wonderful. I always wondered what you for a career...wow...nailed that one huh? It must be very exciting doing what you. I'm turning green with envy right now! I've told you more than once that I've got your back in any way I can be of help to you. Take care my friend.
Reply Philippa Drought
9:39 AM on December 31, 2012 
Hi Kinga, you know my story. Thank you for posting this. I still cannot read about your mom, without remembering my own father. As always, this brings the emotions to the forefront.
You are an incredible woman, giving selflessly to the ALS Community. Never stop, you do bring hope.
Reply Marnie
8:40 PM on December 30, 2012 
My mom was diagnosed with ALS in Oct 2010, it has changed our lives forever. There is comfort in knowing your never alone on this journey. We also take part in annual ALS Walks and will continue to do so. You are an inspiration to many. You never know how steong you are until its the only option you have left. My mom continues to amaze me with her spirit and strength, I hope to oneday be half as strong as she is. Keep fighting and raising awareness, you mom is watching over you and smiling!!
Reply Louise Keithly
11:12 PM on July 3, 2012 
I loved your story , sounded so familiar . I wish you all the best from one of the many who have lost a loved one to ALS ,Louise
Reply seen_89
6:17 PM on May 26, 2012 
It is great to see your dedication to ridding the world of ALS. My dad recently passed away in March and it has been quite an eye opening experience. I can relate to being young and have a close loved one have to battle ALS. I was 21 when my Dad was diagnosed and I was in my 4th year of university. It was extremely hard studying knowing what my Dad was going through. I hope to get more involved and raise more ALS awareness in the future! Take Care.
Reply Brian Dillon
8:04 AM on March 29, 2012 
I am a pALS (person with ALS), and you and I have met on a few occasions. I am proud of you, your commitment to honor your mom, your determination to advocate for ALS awareness. We plunged together 2/4/2012 at the Valentine Plunge ALS fundraiser, (that's when I nicknamed you #6). You have touched my heart. I wish your energy and enthusiasm were contagious, you seem to be a natural leader, many good people could do a lot for pALS by following your lead.

With much love and admiration for you,
Brian Dillon