Raising ALS Awareness - My Life With ALS

About Me

A.L.S. three letters that change peoples lives FOREVER.. Also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease ALS is a fatal disease.  It paralyzes the body but leaves the mind intact.

 As you can tell from my story my mom has ALS and I am trying to raise awareness so that one day soon we can find a cure!!

 I'm a very big advocate of raising awareness, i've done alot of ALS Walks, Hike for ALS, Volleyball for ALS as well as organizing my own Soccer Tournament in Honour of my mom Erika..

 ALS changed me as a person, it changed my whole outlook on life... we take so much for granted in society today... my mom's illness helped me realize how much all the little things really mean... I have the most amazing family in the world!!!

 I also learned never to settle on anything... not on a job, not on relationships.... If you have a goal or dream reach it! Everything is possible!!!  

 I moved back home, went to school, took care of my mom fulltime and now I'm working at my dream internship... It may only last 3 months but it has been the most meaningful 3 months of my life... I'm at the Sunnybrook ALS clinic helping run the clinic trials currently in ALS Research..... It doesn't get better then that........

After a 4 year battle with ALS my mom passed away January 29th 2010... It has been a hard few weeks, but her legacy will live on through me FOREVER.....

Even after losing my mom to ALS I have decided to just keep on going & continue all my ALS Awareness events & more then that help families who have been touched by the disease...

My mom was the type of person who would help anyone at anytime if she could.. I just hope I can be half the person she was.